Garden State Tile

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  • Brand: Garden State Tile, Farmingdale, NJ
  • Collection: Bohemia
  • Material: Porcelain

Garden State Tile
Garden State Tile

Garden State Tile is an experienced tile manufacturer, distributor, and design services provider located in the East Coast state of New Jersey. With a network spanning location across Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia and of course, New Jersey itself, it enjoys a favorable status among other American tile brands in Stamford, CT.

Alongside its portfolio of porcelain, terrazzo, natural stone and glass tile products, the brand also provides a range of expert design services to clients through its in-house professionals. Its tiles have been used in public and commercial spaces - from airports to hospitals, universities, and office buildings. Visit our store to take a look at the trendiest Garden State Tile in Stamford, CT.

The brand has 12 locations of its own spread across its 5 aforementioned domains. Aside from its own hubs, there is also an intricate nationwide network of distributors. Visit our tile showroom in Stamford, CT, to buy Garden State Tile made by seasoned hands.

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