Trends in Marble Tile Throughout the Years

Marble Tile Never Goes Out of Style

Transform your kitchen or bathroom with stunning marble tile that everyone knows and loves. Marble materials have been around for thousands of years, dating back to Ancient Greek and Roman times. This timeless material can make any room in your home look sophisticated and elegant. Read on to learn about the trends in marble tile throughout the years and get inspired for your next remodeling project.  

Carrara Marble Tiles One of the most popular marble tiles of today is the Carrara marble tile. This tile has a gorgeous white undertone with lines of light and dark grays that give great dimension and flair. Obviously, there’s no question as to why this tile is so popular in today’s market.  

Nero Marquina Tiles Unlike Carrara marble tiles that have a white body, Nero Maquina marble is slated black with distinct white veins. Originated from Spain, Nero Maquina marble tiles are classy, making it perfect for kitchen and bathroom countertops.  

Emperador Marble Tiles Coming in a wide selection of different shades of brown, Emperador marble tiles have also originated in Spain. These marble tiles have lighter, often white, veins that contrast with the deep hue of brown that surrounds it. Whether it’s centuries ago or today, this historic marble material can be found on residential and commercial areas.  

Marble tiles are timeless pieces in any home and have been for hundreds of years.
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Trends in Marble Tile Throughout the Years