Exterior Pavers for Darien, Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk & Wilton, CT

Lima Ceramic Tile has a wide selection of exterior porcelain pavers. They are 2CM italian pavers that are used for exterior use and high transit areas.

They are a budget-friendly choice for outdoor use, patios, walkaways, decks and much more!

Lima Ceramic Tile is known for carrying high-quality tile products, including pavers. Our tile can help your home look its absolute finest, and now with our wide range of porcelain pavers we will make the exterior of your home look absolutely wonderful.

Pavers can be installed in a different ways:

  • Installation of grass
  • Dry laying over sand
  • Dry laying on gravel
  • Adhesive installation

The Best for Your Home

Trust Lima Ceramic Tile for the best pavers around. They are frost-resistant, skid-resistant, durable & easy to clean. You do not need to seal them and that is the most important thing = 0 maintenance! With a variety of colors, and types to choose from; solid colors, stone and wood looks, and a variety of sizes too. The most standard size is the 24x24 but we also carry large format pavers; 24x48, 16 x 32.. 
We will work with you to choose the right pavers given your budget and lead time.  Contact our team for porcelain pavers. Call Us Today