Creative Ways to Use Pavers in Your Backyard

Pavers come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, which makes the possibilities seem endless when you think about paver designs. This can be a bit daunting which is why our tile store employees are available to help narrow down which pavers you like as you prepare to renovate your backyard area. 

Make a path – A simple way to improve the aesthetics of your backyard is to construct a path made of pavers. The path could lead to your backdoor, your pool, or even a deck. This is the perfect way to use pavers without breaking the bank.

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Install around your pool – Surrounding your pool with pavers is a great way to get creative with the design of your backyard. Pavers come in many different sizes which allows you to play with the design you put around your pool. Our tile store carries many different pavers; give us a call to find out more. 

Under furniture – If you have a nice outdoor table or other outdoor furniture, you can use pavers to create a more stable surface for your furniture to sit on. Sometimes grass can be a bit uneven or even have holes in some spots throughout the yard, but creating a paver patio will help keep your furniture sturdy. We have a wide variety of pavers to choose from at our tile store in Stamford, CT.

Make plant holders – Making a holder for your plants is a creative way to use pavers that people don’t initially think about. Plant holders made out of pavers are sturdy and very aesthetically pleasing. 

Surround your fireplace – Outdoor and indoor fireplaces are already a beautiful addition to an indoor space or backyard, but adding pavers around your fireplace will take it to the next level. 

Multi-level landscaping – Pavers can be used to improve the look of multi-level landscaping. Each level of the landscaping design in your backyard can follow a pattern and color of pavers.

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Creative Ways to Use Pavers in Your Backyard